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U.S. competing with Russia and China for the domination of the Eurasian landmass at large and for the Central and Eastern Europe in particular

FROM Chinese Military Joining Russians for Nuclear War Games (August 24, 2018, The Washington Free Beacon):

Wess Mitchell, assistant secretary of state for Europe and Eurasia, told a Senate hearing on Tuesday that Russia is the focus of a return to “big power competition.”

“Contrary to the hopeful assumptions of previous administrations, Russia and China are serious competitors that are building up the material and ideological wherewithal to contest U.S. primacy and leadership in the 21st Century,” Mitchell said.

“It continues to be among the foremost national security interests of the United States to prevent the domination of the Eurasian landmass by hostile powers.”

Mitchell said effective policy toward Moscow must be backed by military power.

“To this end, the administration has reversed years of cuts to the U.S. defense budget, begun the process of recapitalizing the U.S. nuclear arsenal, requested close to $11 billion to support the European Deterrence Initiative, and, in the past year and a half, worked with NATO Allies to bring about the largest European defense spending increase since the Cold War—a total of more than $40 billion to date,” he said.

The quote emphasized above has indeed been taken from Wess Mitchell’s hearing before a committee of U.S. Senate. A Google search for that sentence has indeed been proving that fact for me today:

Wess Mitchell on prevention of domination by hostile to U.S. powers of the Eurasian landmass - August 21, 2018.png

At the same time the downloaded PDF had no such sentence at all. It had definitely been eliminated (“castrated”) by the original publisher, i.e. the Senate itself as:

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Революция. Западня для России.

В первом фильме, опубликованном год назад, вскрываются закулисные корни революции 1905 года, названной впоследствии первой русской революцией, показать ее “американский след”.

В первой части второго фильма, показанной вчера, вскрыты каналы финансирования так называемой февральской революции, приводятся доказательства того, что основные потоки шли из стран Запада.

Во второй части второго фильма, которая будет показана неделю спустя, приведены факты, как и через кого финансировались революционные события, показана тайная роль, которую играли американские и британские дипломаты, а также банковский “Интернационал”.  olvasásának folytatása