Mark Franchetti from prestigous Sunday Times in UK tells the truth on the Ukranian TV: who are really fighting in Donbass

In a single statement: in the South-East of Ukraine there is no Russian “invasion”, "kadyrovtsy" (i.e. Chechens) and agents of the FSB are not visible

A brief summary of his statements:

What I saw is indisputable. Most of them are Ukrainians from Donbass or regions nearby. There is small part of Russian volunteers. I spoke with them too. Most of them don’t have any military experience. They are ordinary people who took arms, they are confident that they are protecting their homeland from fascists. All of them say that after all events in Odessa, Slavyansk, they can’t find any common grounds with the Kievan government… It’s not true that they are receiving money, weapons from Russia, this is not correct. For now…

I can say that they are absolutely confident that at some time a military help from Russia will come. They are waiting for it…

I don’t care if you consider what I’m saying as Russian propaganda, you can think whatever you want. I describe what I saw. People from "Vostok" battalion which is considered as the most effective, I cannot confirm that they have good weapons or military experience, that there are Russian professional soldiers. Moreover, I was looking for Chechens, there are none. You may laugh as much as you want.

A 6 minutes long TV report on that but enhanced with English subtitles:

Mark Franchetti: Moscow Correspondant [The Times, May 14, 2008]

Mark Franchetti is the Moscow correspondent of the Sunday Times of London. He reports on Russia and the former Soviet Union and also covered the wars in Kosovo, Chechnya, Afghanistan and Iraq. Before being posted to Russia in 1997 he was based in Berlin and London, also for the Sunday Times.

Mark Franchetti (Wikipedia)

Mark Franchetti is the Moscow-based journalist for The Sunday Times. Fluent in five languages, Franchetti was awarded the British Press Award in 2003, after reporting on the Moscow theatre siege, and a Foreign Press Association award in 2004 for his reports on the alleged abuse of Iraqi civilians by U.S Marines.[1] [2] He has also reported on Georgia and Chechnya.

Franchetti presented and produced the BBC documentary, Britain’s Most Wanted, about Andrei Lugovoi following the death by poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko.[3]

My own blog post containing complete information (published yesterday in Russian):

Выводы Марк Франкетти (Mark Franchetti) от «Sunday Times»: на юго-востоке Украины нет никакого российского «вторжения», не видны «кадыровцы» и агенты ФСБ [this same blog, June 16, 2014]
that is: The findings of Mark Franchetti by "Sunday Times”: in the South-East of Ukraine there is no Russian “invasion”, "kadyrovtsy"and agents of the FSB are not visible

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